• Stress Memory And Seed Quality

    Stress Memory And Seed Quality

    The impact of stress on a plant can make an imprint onto the next generation of plants. By Diane Rowland, Barry Tillman and graduate student Kelly Racette, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Agronomy Department For as long as crops have been domesticated, farmers have been selecting seed from the best performing plants — based primarily on their yield and relative performance. In some cases, a plant may experience stress during the season, whether from disease, drought or insects. Many times that plant will recover and still produce a decent yield, and ... Read More »
  • Palmer Amaranth Adaptability

    Palmer Amaranth Adaptability

  • Consider Replanting Options

    Consider Replanting Options

  • Peanuts Need A Profitable Rotation Partner To Stem Yield Decline

    Peanuts Need A Profitable Rotation Partner To Stem Yield Decline

      Peanuts are a shining star in the agricultural “tool box” as growers have been offered reasonable early contracts and the world is demanding more peanuts. Producers are usually optimistic when they smell fresh-plowed dirt and can look forward to a bountiful harvest at the end of the season, even when prices are not so good. However, peanut optimism is spreading because of the disappearing surplus thanks to China’s purchasing prowess and USDA’s baffling number correcting of late. Consumers are recognizing that peanuts are nutritious and affordable, and they love the taste. Another recent discovery ... Read More »
  • Reaping The Research Benefits

    Reaping The Research Benefits

    Years ago, my sister-in-law started competing in triathlons. She’s always been athletically inclined, and the addition of swimming and biking was a change in pace from just being a runner. After a couple events, the bug had bit her. She started training in earnest and competed in events at least once every few months. Although she lives in Chicago, one of the events she found to compete in was only a couple hours drive from us. We drove down to cheer her on for that first event and have made it a weekend event ever ... Read More »