• 2018 Peanut Grower Inoculant Guide

    2018 Peanut Grower Inoculant Guide

    Sponsored by Verdesian Life Sciences What Is The Incentive To Use  An Inoculant? One Word: Yield Valuable yields are waiting in each peanut seed. The yield potential of each seed is at its maximum when it is put into the ground. Decisions such as crop rotation and field selection help that seed reach its full potential. Irrigation and pest management help protect that yield potential. However, stresses, such as disease pressure and drought, lower the bar on what yields can be achieved. Peanut profitability is maintained through high yields or by reducing production costs. Unfortunately, ... Read More »
  • Don’t Forget About Soil pH

    Don’t Forget About Soil pH

  • Worth The Wait

    Worth The Wait

  • The Code Is Unlocked

    The Code Is Unlocked

  • 2018 Variety Guide

    2018 Variety Guide

  • 2018 Estate Tax Changes

    2018 Estate Tax Changes

  • Know Your Production Costs

  • Many Uncertainties Remain As Planting Approaches

    Many Uncertainties Remain As Planting Approaches

    Still A Couple Years From Supply And Demand Balance The 2018 peanut market for farmers was already weak because of a large carryover from the 2017 crop. The cotton amendment in the recent U.S. budget resolution has jolted the peanut market and changed the dynamics for 2018. Generic base, which after the last Farm Bill could have been planted in peanuts, is gone. Farms will revert to the established peanut base on the farm for any PLC (Price Loss Coverage) payment. Leaders knew the cotton generic base would likely be lost in the next Farm ... Read More »
  • Put It In T he Rearview Mirror

    Put It In T he Rearview Mirror

    I saw it happening, but I didn’t know what I was looking at. It turns out that neither did anyone else. What am I talking about? The collapse of peanut fields in Florida late in the 2017 season. It was a strange thing to behold. The field is one I pass on my way to town. Being that I’m a peanut editor, I’m always going to look at the peanut field instead of our local small-town race track on the other side of the road. One day the peanuts were a little yellow, but it ... Read More »