• UF Student Is A “Cultivator”

    UF Student Is A “Cultivator”

    Will Dezern, who hopes to provide an updated database for peanut breeders, receives prestigious honor. A University of Florida College of Agricultural and Life Sciences student who researches how to improve peanuts has been named as UF’s first Cultivator for the 2016 Farm Foundation Round Table. Will Dezern, who recently earned a bachelor’s degree in plant science from UF CALS, participated the week of June 6 at the discussion forum in Louisville, Ky., where he presented a poster on his research. Dezern is one of six students, called “Cultivators,” selected nationwide to attend the forum. ... Read More »
  • From Here To Harvest

    From Here To Harvest

  • Optimal Disease Environment

    Optimal Disease Environment

  • A Golden Opportunity

    A Golden Opportunity

    A more modern warehouse facility in Vienna, Ga., will mean more efficient unloading and enhanced quality. The increase in peanut tonnage over the last decade has heightened the need to modernize peanut processing facilities. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts is investing in a significant upgrade and modernization of the company’s warehouse in Vienna, Ga., which will help to increase unloading speed and improve product quality. “Our Vienna facility has a capacity of approximately 40,000 tons of peanuts,” says Greg Mills, president of Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts, a subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company. “Those ... Read More »
  • Modernization is Coming

    Modernization is Coming

    This year in the peanut industry isn’t shaping up at all like I thought it would. And that’s a good thing. With peanut warehouses busting at the seams from last harvest, but no alternatively priced crop to steal peanuts’ thunder, I thought another big year might be the death knell for the peanut world. I didn’t stop to think that it’s adversity that will make you stronger, and it seems that is what it has done. While tough decisions have been made and downsizing has occurred in some areas, there is growth in other areas. ... Read More »