• Export market picks up with  shipments to China, Vietnam

    Export market picks up with shipments to China, Vietnam

    The U.S. peanut market is getting mixed signals at home and abroad causing the producers to be concerned as to how to manage under the present peanut program. The Commodity Credit Corporation is successfully moving ahead with selling or exchanging 2014 forfeited farmer-stock peanuts to clear out warehouses. USDA is seeking bids on major purchases to go to nutrition programs in schools and other federal feeding programs and to food banks. At the same time, exports are suddenly picking up steam, up 37 percent in March 2016 versus March 2015. Argentina has suffered long-term wet ... Read More »
  • Reasons For Optimism

    Reasons For Optimism

    Warehouses are full. Prices are low, and prices of other commodities are even lower. Inputs are not lower, except maybe fuel, and now the European Union is dictating what products can be used on peanut, that is if you could possibly be sending your product overseas to one of their ports. With all of this, is there any reason to be optimistic? Of course there is. Reason #1: Growers are confident enough in the peanut industry to invest significantly. As you can read on page 18, Premier Peanut celebrated their Grand Opening in late April. ... Read More »