• Crop Expected to Top Previous Record By 15 Percent

    Crop Expected to Top Previous Record By 15 Percent

    Wow. What a peanut crop! It is difficult to be critical of over production knowing that the world needs your nutritious product to help solve hunger. One in every nine people goes to bed hungry each night. One cannot criticize Mother Nature for blessing the peanut nation with the ideal growing season, which produced a top quality crop. Records were made to be broken, and the peanut producers of America have raised the bar. One cannot blame farmers for responding to markets with better contract prices and poor prices for competing crops. U.S. peanut production ... Read More »
  • Nobody Panic

    Nobody Panic

    For the past several years, those of us living in a coastal state were plenty happy with predictions of hurricanes that never came to pass. This year, my luck ran out as Irma seemed determined to make up for the past 12 years of no hurricane making landfall in Florida. What was more stunning than the size of this record-breaking storm was the panic it created in the week to 10 days before it could get here. I have been through every hurricane to hit my part of Florida since I was born, and that ... Read More »