• The Code Is Unlocked

    The Code Is Unlocked

    An international group of scientists completed a five-year quest to map the peanut’s genetic code. The Peanut Foundation recently announced the culmination of a research project that will give scientists around the world a map with which to unlock some of the genetic potential of the peanut plant. This discovery by the Peanut Genome Consortium, a group of scientists from the U.S., China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, India, Israel and several countries in Africa, gives scientists the capability to find beneficial genes in cultivated and wild peanuts that can lead to greater yields, lower production ... Read More »
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  • Many Uncertainties Remain As Planting Approaches

    Many Uncertainties Remain As Planting Approaches

    USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service has lowered the peanut crop estimate for 2017. The early prediction of 3,819,500 tons may have been possible until the hurricane and late drought caused the peanut crop to shut down. Scientists are still scratching their heads a bit at what caused the fairly significant yield reduction. The final crop estimate was still a record high 3,616,800 tons up 30 percent from 2016. Harvested area was estimated at 1.78 million acres, up 16 percent from 2016. The average yield was estimated at 4,074 pounds per acre, up 440 pounds from ... Read More »


    Research projects begin and end often in our business. Yet, the announcement of the ending of the five-year Peanut Genomic Initiative is different. The goal was lofty — mapping all the genes in the peanut. The price tag was even more so: $6 million. But now that the project is complete and we have a map of genetic information in the peanut, which is almost as much information as in the human genome, the industry has gotten their money’s worth. New articles are making their way around the circuit, including one on page 10. Cleverly, ... Read More »