New Products

Partnership: More Precision Options
Leica Geosystems and TeeJet Technologies recently announced an agreement that will provide new precision agriculture solutions for farmers. Combining technologies means innovative products and welcomed efficiencies as growers face rising input costs.

Both companies provide cutting-edge solutions for the agriculture market and will now combine Leica’s high-accuracy GNSS and auto-guidance systems with TeeJet’s guidance and material application solutions to provide a broader array of customized options.

Under the agreement, TeeJet will private-label and distribute Leica’s No-Drift mojoRTK auto-steer system adding RTK-accuracy guidance to their suite of precision agriculture products.

Leica will capitalize on TeeJet Technologies’ range of vehicle-specific assisted steering kits to vastly increase the number of tractors the mojoRTK can steer. The list offered by TeeJet currently tops more than 50 individual kits, designed to fit approximately 150 individual vehicle models. Initially, Leica will offer TeeJet vehicle kits through their network of resellers, quickly growing Leica’s steering platforms for the mojoRTK auto-steer.

The companies also plan to work together to develop additional solutions for the agriculture market that are easy to use, reliable and affordable.

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Safer Fertilizer From Honeywell
Honeywell recently announced the development of a patented technology to produce a safer ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer with significantly lower explosive potential.

The new technology received a SAFETY Act Designation from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act, which was created to provide incentives for the development of anti-terrorism technologies that can help mitigate security threats.

Independent tests demonstrated that Honeywell’s new fertilizer is significantly more difficult to use as an explosive. When mixed with fuel oil, commonly used in an explosive, the new ammonium sulfate nitrate fertilizer did not detonate.

The new technology fuses ammonium sulfate with ammonium nitrate, providing both nitrogen and sulfur needed for efficient plant nutrition as well as enhanced safety, quality and storage characteristics for the fertilizer.

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Farm Works Award-Winning Software Available
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has selected two Farm Works systems as winners of the society’s AE50 best and brightest awards for 2008. ASABE chose the Site Pro Dispatch and the rugged Titan RH handheld device from Farm Works both introduced in 2007 as award winners.

Site Pro Dispatch is software for wireless data exchange. This new technology is designed to track machinery and equipment for co-ops, agronomy dealers and custom applicators. It not only tracks a “live” location of every machine, but a few clicks on the computer allow data to be sent from the office to the applicator without picking up the phone. The rugged handheld PC, known as Titan RH, uses the latest software technology for field applications including mapping, soil sampling, field scouting, variable rate and more. The handheld features a 3.5-inch daylight readable touch screen that is impact resistant to eliminate lost data and down time.

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