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Varietal Disease Resistance Guide

Varietal Disease Resistance

Variety Disease(s) to which resistance is exhibited and the
Southern Runner LLS (M), Stem Rot (M), Spotted Wilt (M), Collar Rot (M)
Okrun ELS (M), Web Blotch (M), Verticillium Wilt (M)
Southwest Runner, VA 93B, VA 98R Sclerotinia Blight (M)
Spanco, Starr, Pronto Sclerotinia Blight (M), Pot Rot (M), Limb Rot (M)
Tamspan 90 Sclerotinia Blight (R), Rot Rot (R), Limb Rot (M)
NC-7 ELS (M)
NC-10C, NC-12C ELS (M), CBR (M)
NC V-11 LLS (R), Spotted Wilt (M)
Georgia Green, ViruGard, Tamrun 96, Gregory, AT 201 Spotted Wilt (M)
FLA MDR 98, C-99R Spotted Wilt (M), ELS ( M), LLS (M), Stem Rot (M)
Compiled by Dr. Albert Culbreath, Dr. Bob Kemerait and Dr. Tim Brenneman of the University of Georgia Dept. of Plant Pathology. With acknowledgements to Dr. Thomas “Chip” Lee., Texas A&M Extension Pathologist.
1ELS = Early Leaf Spot
LLS = Late Leaf Spot
CBR = Cylindrocladium Black Rot
2M = Moderately resistant
R = Resistant