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Varietal Disease Resistance
Variety Disease(s) to which resistance is exhibited and the degree of resistance.
VA 93B, VA 98R Sclerotinia Blight (M)
Spanco, Pronto, Sclerotinia Blight (M), Pot Rot (M)
Tamspan 90 Sclerotinia Blight (R), Pod Rot (R), TSWV (M)
OLin Sclerotinia Blight (M), Pod Rot (M)
Perry Sclerotinia Blight (M), CBR (R)
NC-7 ELS (M)
NC-12C ELS (M), CBR (M)
NC V-11 LLS (R), TSWV (M)
GP -1 TSWV (M)
Georgia Green TSWV (M), Rhizoctonia (M)
ViruGard, Georgia Hi-O/L, Norden TSWV (M)
Tamrun 96 TSWV (M), Pod Rot (M), Sclerotinia Blight(M)
C-99R TSWV (M), ELS (M), LLS (M),White Mold/Stem Rot (M)
Georgia-01R TSWV (M), ELS (M), LLS (M), White Mold/Stem Rot (M), CBR (M), LH
Georgia-02C TSWV (M), CBR (M)
Carver TSWV (M), White Mold/Stem Rot (M), CBR (M)
Andru II TSWV (M), White Mold/ Stem Rot (M)
Hull TSWV (M), White Mold/Stem Rot (M), LLS (M), CBR (M), Root Knot Nematodes (M)
DP-1 TSWV (R), White Mold/Stem Rot (M), LLS (M)
AP-3 TSWV (R), White Mold/Stem Rot (R)
1ELS = Early Leaf Spot LLS = Late Leaf Spot CBR = Cylindrocladium Black Rot TSWV = Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus LH = Leaf Hoppers
2M = Moderately resistant R = Resistant
Compiled with assistance from Dr. William D. Branch, University of Georgia; Dr. Charles Simpson, Texas A&M; Dr. Dan Gorbet, University of Florida.



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