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Peanut Fungicide Guide
Compiled by Drs. Bob Kemerait, Tim Brenneman and Albert Culbreath, University of Georgia Dept. of Plant Pathology,
with acknowledgements to Dr. Pat Phipps, plant pathologist, Tidewater Agricultural Research Center, Suffolk, Va.
  Region Where Considered A Problem Folicur
and Other Tebuconizole Products
Abound Bravo Echo 720 Echo 720 + PropiMax Equus 720 Tilt Bravo Tilt Dithane Topsin 6 Manzate ManKocide   Bravo/ Moncut Provost Stratego Headline Artisan Kocide/ Chlorothalonil Absolute Evito 480SC
Early Leaf Spot All F/G G G G G/E G G/E G/E P/F G/E P/F F   G G/E G/E E G G G/E G
Late Leaf Spot SE F/G G G G G/E G G/E G P/F G/E P/F P/F   G G/E G/E E G G G/E G
Rust SE, SW G G G G F G F P F2   F2 P/F   G   G E P F G  
Pepper Spot/Leaf Scorch SE, VC, SW F/G G F/G F/G G F/G G P/F F   F F   F/G   G G P/F F/G G  
Web Blotch VC, SW F/G G/E G G F/G G F/G P/F F   F F   G/E   G E P/F G G  
  Region Where Considered A Problem Folicur Abound Terraclor Tilt Lorsban Rovral Metam Sodium Ridomil PC Vitavax PC Dynasty PD Moncut Bravo/ Moncut ManKocide Omega Provost Stratego Headline5 Artisan Endura Trilex Optimum Evito 480SC
Seedling Diseases4 ALL NL G** G** NL NL NL NR NR E E NL NL NL         NL   E  
Stem Rot SE, SW G G F F F NL NR NR NL   G G NL   G   G G     G
CBR3 VC, SE* F F NL NL NL NL G NL NL   NL NL NL   F     NL      
Rhizoctonia Limb Rot ALL G G/E P NL NL NL NR NL NL   G G NL   G F G G     G
Sclerotinia Blight VC, SW NL NL NL NL NL F NR NL NL   NL NL NL/WA E       NL E    
Pod Rot ALL NL   NR NL NL NL NR F NL   NL NL NL         NL      
Aspergillus Crown Rot SE, SW NL G** F** NL NL NL NR NL NL   NL NL NL         NL      
Where Considered A Problem
Temik Nemacur Mocap Telone II Vapam Thimet                              
Northern Root-Knot VC, SW F F F G/E G                                
Peanut Root-Knot SE, VC*, SW G F P G P                                
Sting VC P F P G/E G                                
VIRUS DISEASE                                            
Tomato Spotted Wilt All           F                              
E = Excellent Control; G = Good Control; F = Fair Control; P = Poor Control; NL = Not Labelled; NR = Not Recommended; WA = Will Not Aggravate
*Problem within certain states in the indicated region. ** In-furrow application 2Fair when mixed with sulfur 3Cylindrocladium Black Rot 4For example: Rhizoctonia, seedling blight. 5Refers specifically to a 12 oz/A rate. Headline is a component of an overall soilborne program that includes either Folicur, Moncut, Artisan or Montero. 6 Topsin is in the benzimidazole class of fungicides and is highly susceptible to development of resistance. Topsin should be rotated or tank-mixed with other fungicides in the spray program. Generic formulations provide G/E control when tank-mixed with a product such as Folicur.


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