What’s New In Crop Protection

For disease and weed control, and cleanup afterwards, take a look at what’s being offered for 2008.

By Amanda Huber

New Products At A Glance:

Convoy 40 SC Fungicide: a liquid formulation that contains flutolanil for control of soilborne diseases. Registration pending.

Evito 480 SC Fungicide: a member of the strobilurin chemistry family with both systemic and protectant properties on a broad spectrum of diseases.

Impose Herbicide: contains imazapic for high quality, but value-priced weed control.

Provost Fungicide: a pre-mix of tebuconazole (Folicur) and prothioconazole that protects against all major diseases for peanuts.

Aim EC Harvest Aid: a contact herbicide used to defoliate and dessicate crops, or to clean up fields for harvest, as when morningglory populations would make digging difficult.

Valent Tank Cleaner: the only tank cleaner formulated to completely clean Valor out of the sprayer system.

Evito Fungicide
Evito is a broad-spectrum strobilurin chemistry fungicide from Arysta LifeScience North America that is active against a wide range of peanut diseases. Strobilurin fungicides like Evito inhibit spore germination and enter the fungal cell affecting electron transport in the mitochondria – which are the energy source in cells – depriving the organism of energy and causing cell death.

Evito offers the benefits of leading stobilurin fungicides, plus it is a highly systemic fungicide. Called Xylem Pro Technology, Evito translocates quickly through the plant's vascular system leading to significantly quicker uptake and offering plant protection in 15 minutes. It also means the product is rainfast in 15 minutes, which eliminates the need to reschedule irrigation or reapply the fungicide in the occurrence of an unexpected rain shower. Complete uptake of the product occurs within 24 hours.

Evito offers control of white mold, early and late leaf spot, leaf rust and Rhizoctonia limb rot. It has a 12-hour restricted entry interval and a 14-day pre-harvest interval for maximum application flexibility.

For more information, visit the Arysta LifeScience Web site at www.arystalifescience.com.

Convoy Fungicide
For the 2008 growing season, Nichino America plans to market Convoy, a new liquid formulation of flutolanil for control of white mold/southern stem rot (Sclerotium rolfsii) and limb rot/pod rot (Rhizoctonia solani).

Flutolanil is the same active ingredient as in Artisan and Moncut fungicides. However, Convoy is more concentrated, which reduces application rates and spray volume. Its long soil-residual properties will deliver soilborne disease control even in dry conditions. Convoy is rainfast and can be applied through chemigation.
Convoy is easy to handle and apply and offers tankmix flexibility. With Convoy, growers can now choose the leaf spot fungicide that best fits their disease management program. EPA registration is expected in early May, 2008.

For more information, call 888-740-7700 or go to www.nichino.net.

Impose Herbicide
Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc., offers a new addition to its product line with the registration of Impose herbicide for economical, long-lasting control of grass and broadleaf weeds.

Impose is a highly effective and selective early post-emergence herbicide that contains imazapic, the same active ingredient in Cadre herbicide. Impose’s high quality formulation is value priced to offer producers a new choice for control of tough weed challenges.

Impose provides systemic and residual control of nearly 40 grass and broadleaf weeds and sedges and suppression of additional weeds. In the critical weeks after emergence, Impose helps producers remove or minimize the threats from morningglory, pigweed, cocklebur, Florida pusley, redweed, sicklepod, spurge, prickly sida, beggarweed, velvetleaf, crabgrass, Johnsongrass, nutsedge, goosegrass, lambsquarters, ragweed and other economically significant crop competitors.

Impose is farmer-friendly in that it is not a restricted-use pesticide and carries the milder “caution” EPA signal word. The restricted-entry interval is 12 hours.

Impose is a liquid formulation with a 4-ounce per acre use rate for peanuts. Impose is compatible with a variety of tankmix partners typically applied in peanut production, has a wide application window and is safer for peanut crops than many other peanut herbicides. Impose’s residual power keeps working on germinating weeds well after application.

Impose can be used with a nonionic surfactant, a silicon-based adjuvant or crop oil concentrate. Impose may be used in sequential applications with a 90-day pre-harvest interval in peanuts. See the Impose label for rotational guidance.

For more information about Impose or other MANA crop protection products, visit www.manainc.com.

Aim Harvest Aid
Registered for use in peanuts in late 2007, Aim EC harvest aid is now available from the FMC Corp. Aim EC is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation and is labeled for selective postemergence control of broadleaf weeds, burndown prior to planting and as a harvest aid and to defoliate/desiccate labeled crops.

Aim EC is a contact herbicide. Within a few hours following application, the foliage of susceptible weeds show signs of desiccation, and in the following days necrosis and death of the plant occur. Extremes in environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, soil conditions, and cultural practices may affect the activity of Aim EC.

Aim EC is rapidly absorbed through the foliage of plants. To avoid significant crop response, applications should not be made within six to eight hours of either rain or irrigation or when heavy dew is present on the crop.

In peanuts, Aim would most likely be used in situations where morningglory coverage would make digging difficult. An application of Aim would defoliate morningglory and make the vines brittle to help facilitate digging.

Apply Aim at a rate of 1 to 2 ounces per acre at least seven days prioir to harvest. An application of Aim should include the use of a nonionic surfactant or a crop oil concentrate.

For more information on Aim harvest aid, visit the FMC Web site at www.fmccrop.com.

Valent Tank Cleaner
Upon completion of all your Valor applications and before spraying over-the-top of any crop, be sure to clean out the tank, hoses and nozzles with the new, uniquely formulated Valent Tank Cleaner. This is the only tank cleaner formulated to completely clean Valor out of the sprayer when used according to label directions, and most importantly, when mixed at the correct concentration.

Directions for use are as follows:

1. Completely spray out or empty any Valor spray mix from the sprayer.

2. If Valor was left in the spray tank overnight, add water to that level. Otherwise, add 100 gallons of water to the spray tank.

3. Add 1 gallon of Valent Tank Cleaner per 100 gallons of water in the spray tank. Any ratio less than this will result in less than desirable clean out.

4. Agitate for 10 minutes. Then charge pumps, hoses and nozzles by spraying solution through the sprayer for at least five minutes.

5. Shut off sprayer and keep hoses/nozzles “charged” overnight for a minimum of 12 hours.

6. The next morning, spray out solution through the boom for 10 minutes and then drain remaining solution until sprayer is empty.

7. Flush spray tank with clean water and empty. Check all strainers, filters, nozzles and nozzle screens as this process can “strip” old residues from within the sprayer system.

This procedure will completely clean out the tank, hoses, nozzles and screens if followed exactly and with no shortcuts. Valent tank cleaner is available from your Valor supplier.

Provost Fungicide
From Bayer CropScience, Provost is a pre-mix of tebuconazole (Folicur) and prothioconazole that protects against all major diseases for peanuts. It offers superior penetration, absorption, rainfastness, disease control and protects both above and below ground.

Provost programs have been the highest-yielding fungicide programs in university trials. For example, in 17 field trials over two years, where good disease pressure was present, Provost improved peanut yields by an average of 500 pounds per acre.

Provost's key benefits are its effectiveness on foliar diseases, including early leaf spot, late leaf spot, leaf rust, web blotch and leaf scorch. It also protects against soilborne diseases – such as white mold and Rhizoctonia limb rot. Provost fungicide has the best level of CBR suppression of any current peanut fungicide.

Provost fungicide is rainfast for foliar diseases in as little as two hours.

For more information on Provost, visit their Web site at www.bayercropscienceus.com.


Editor’s Note: With the application of any chemical product, always read the label and follow the directions for recommended use on the specified crop. Be sure to note the mode of action (MOA) of each product. To maintain a strong resistance management program, products with diverse MOAs should be used throughout the crop production season.