New Products

Wylie Introduces PivoTrakr Sprayer
Wylie Manufacturing’s PivoTrakr Sprayer is a new design built on the strengths of its proven Spray Wyng and Tilt Wyng booms.

The PivoTrakr Sprayer’s most obvious feature is the mid-mount boom and gooseneck hitch. The 80 or 90-foot mid-mount boom has several advantages that set it apart from rear mount booms. The work is much closer to the tractor, allowing the driver to monitor the operation of all the tips, with no blind spots. The boom position allows the sprayer to spray right to the end of the row. The mid-mount position also results in a more accurate application, as well as less stress on the boom.

The PivoTrakr Sprayer features a 1,250 gallon spray tank, 100 gallon fresh water tank, rear-mount fill and mix station and hydraulic boom lift mast. Also included is the Handler education system with its built-in knife and rinsing system for complete clean-out of chemical jugs. Additional features include a 60-foot wash-down hose and gun as well as a 10,000 pound drop leg jack. The boom can tilt 15 degrees to clear obstructions and work in rolling terrain. The hydraulic lift mast adjusts the boom from 18 to 65 inches for proper spray height in any crop.

Wylie offers the Raven 450 automatic control and options include the Envizio Plus guidance system and AccuBoom, which provides automatic individual boom section shut-off.

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Sunflower 1435 Series Disc Harrows
The new Sunflower 1435 Series offers more stability, better penetration and more effective disc scraping. Options include heavy-duty walking tandem wheels, hydraulic self-leveling and a choice of finishing attachments.

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