New Products

Crustbuster Bulk Seed Tender
Add speed and convenience to your planting season with the 240-bushel bulk seed tender. It is available with three-axel frame, six-inch tube, eight-inch crescent top PVC belt and three-piece telescoping discharge spout.

It comes with a 180-degree conveyor pivot range with motor controls located on the discharge end of the spout and offers 100 percent cleanout for no cross contamination. Available options include gas or 12V drive, liquid inoculation system, tri-axle frame and weigh scaler.

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More Farm PRO GPS Systems
Capping off a highly successful introductory year for its FarmPRO GPS System, AutoFarm releases an extensive list of new tractors now supported by both hydraulic steering and steer-by-wire kits for FarmPRO.

Tractors that can now interface with the FarmPRO GPS System include:
• John Deere AutoTrac Ready Front Wheel Steered Tractors
• John Deere Tracked Tractors
• John Deere AutoTrac Ready Articulated Tractors
• Challenger MT Tracked Tractors
• CNH AccuGuide/IntelliSteer Ready Front Wheel Steered Tractors

Installation Kits for the FarmPRO GPS Steering And Application Control System are now qualified on more than 220 makes and models of tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines.

Designed for growers and custom applicators, the FarmPRO system combines industry-leading sub-inch accurate RTK AutoSteer from AutoFarm with the Viper PRO state-of-the-art display and control system from Raven Industries. FarmPRO offers a feature-rich steering and application control system that is all right at the operator’s finger tip through a single, large-screen display.

Other releases for FarmPRO in 2008 included: AutoFarm Reflex Technology; convenient remote engage feature; Satel Radio capability; and ability to run on OmniSTAR HP/XP with short convergence times.

For more information, visit their Web site at or call AutoFarm at 877-947-7327.

Ultra Linear Irrigation System
T-L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, announces their new Ultra Linear System designed to maximize irrigated areas using one machine.

The Ultra can operate in a variety of orientations, allowing it to adapt to differing field layouts. When in its Linear Mode, the system uses furrow, cable, concrete ditch or buried wire to guide the system laterally. When in its Pivot Mode, the spans rotate around a stationary 4-wheel tractor pivot point enabling adjacent parallel fields to be irrigated with one system.

Options for a water supply include drag hose, side ditch or straddle ditch configurations.

The Ultra includes T-L’s “Precision Linear Control” that allows users to select varying water applications according to the distance along the travel path in the Linear Mode. It can also be programmed to control the end gun and to auto-stop, plus auto-reverse locations.

T-L’s hydrostatic drive moves the system continuously, resulting in precise water distribution, which contributes to improved crop production.

For more information, contact T-L Irrigation Co. at 800-330-4264 or by e-mail at Their Web address is

Heavy Duty Strip-Till Point
Shield Agricultural Equipment, Hutchinson, Kansas, is pleased to announce the availability of the ST-16 HD Strip Till Point. Designed specifically for 8 to 12-inch deep application and subsoil shattering on strip-till rigs. The heavy-duty point is designed to work through compaction zones (hard pan) and flow soil around the shank to minimize landside wear and to pull easy at higher working depths.

It is available in 16-inch and 18-inch lengths with segmented chrome carbide shank protection, which stops soil flow up the shank. A wide variety of primary tubes are available in mild steel or stainless. An optional TB-18 tube for custom placement of acid/liquid is also available.

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Valley Introduces Products To Deter Thieves
Valley Irrigation recently introduced a line of products under the new CableGuard umbrella that are designed to help prevent the theft of copper wiring from irrigation equipment.

Theft of copper wiring and other scrap metal have grown exponentially in recent years. Twenty-eight states have laws targeting theft of copper and other scrap metal. Just to get a few hundred dollars from the copper, thieves can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a center-pivot system, plus the cost of precious down time.

The full line of CableGuard products will include:
• Heavy duty span cable clamps: Designed to fit Valley flanges for 5- to 10-inch pipe. Attaching the cable at the flanges on the span creates a solid attachment that will not be easily pulled off the machine and makes additional work for thieves.

• Heavy duty stainless steel banding: Banding can be spaced at the discretion of the installer. The overall effort (time and labor) required to get through the banding and remove the span cable can deter thieves. Shims are installed under each stainless steel band, which can be spaced every 48 inches or less. The closer the bands are spaced, the greater they deter would-be thieves.

• Heavy Duty Flexible Steel Conduit: Placed over the entire span cable and held in place with multiple stainless steel bands spaced every 48 inches or less. The conduit provides additional protection of the span cable by making it more difficult and time consuming for a vandal to cut the cable.

• Heavy Duty Mesh w/Steel Conduit: Similar to the heavy duty flexible steel conduit but with stainless steel mesh protecting the conduit. The stainless steel mesh reinforces the conduit and makes it more difficult for thieves to cut the cable.

• Cable Armor: Envelops the span cable and attaches to the pipe via heavy duty U-bolt clamps. Clamps are difficult to cut through and removal with a wrench would be difficult because of the lock nuts. When properly installed, the width of the guard makes it extremely difficult to cut the span cable with bolt cutters.

• GSM CableGuard Monitor: Voice and SMS (text message) dialing system monitors for cutting the span cable, power to the machine and safety status. Capable of sending alerts to 10 different telephone numbers via pre-recorded voice message, SMS or both.

Contact your Valley Irrigation dealers for more information about the CableGuard line of products or learn more by visiting Now Includes Agriculture Forecast
The Weather Channel Interactive, in partnership with Monsanto Co., announced a new section dedicated to weather and farming at Within Agriculture News & Forecast, is Farmers Forecast, which includes up-to-date weather information and detailed data about precipitation, wind and soil moisture.

Farmers Forecast adds farming-related alerts in addition to the severe weather alerts already available through the site. These alert consumers to warnings with freeze, frost, high wind or hail indicators for each forecasted day. The page includes not only the percent of precipitation, but also an actual projection of the amount of rain that is expected. will offer several components to help farmers make decisions before and throughout the season. From the same page, users can easily change locations to keep up with multiple farms or compare sites. Among the information included on the new section:

• Soil moisture information
• Detailed wind data
• Sunrise and sunset times
• UV index

In addition to 36-hour and 10-day forecasts, the new section also includes an almanac that allows users to compare the forecast with typical and historical weather conditions. Farmers can reference past weather conditions and plan crops accordingly using information such as daily and monthly averages, as well as actual reported conditions from the day, week and month to date.

Agriculture News & Forecast includes more than 30 helpful maps for anyone with agriculture interests. Regional and national maps give a detailed visual display of drought severity, soil moisture, precipitation forecasts, rainfall estimates, optimal planting schedules and first and last freeze norms.

An interactive map allows consumers to customize points of interest and specific weather layers such as radar, clouds, dew point, wind speed, temperature and past precipitation.

Besides weather, the site is also a source for news. Users can stay up to date with articles related to the industry while checking out the next day’s forecast. An online campaign from Monsanto will feature many of its brands such as Deltapine, DEKALB, Asgrow, Yieldgard, Roundup Ready and Roundup PowerMax.
To stay on top of the latest farming forecast and agriculture news, please visit