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EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack
EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack represents the latest in peanut disease management technology and convenience. A product of SipcamAdvan, the new EPA-labeled product controls early leaf spot, late leaf spot, web blotch and rust in peanut production.

EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack combines a standard use ratio of the contact properties of Echo chlorothalonil and the systemic properties of Eminent tetraconazole in one dual-chambered container. One co-pack provides rainfast disease control to 10 acres of peanuts.

Additional EchoEminent benefits include extended residual, new growth protection, enhanced leaf spot control, reduced resistance issues, simplified loading and mixing and maximized yield potential.

Echo is a contact fungicide long recognized as a standard for peanut disease prevention. It naturally adheres to the plant surface and exhibits no resistance issues. Eminent is a systemic fungicide offering both preventive and curative disease control. Recently labeled for peanut use, it generates rapid uptake, translocation and translaminar movement. Eminent moves quickly from the peanut leaf to the internal leaf tissue where it creates an active ingredient reservoir and provides extended residual and new growth protection.

Peg Power: New Foliar Fertilizer Available
TriCard Peg Power is a unique foliar fertilizer that increases yield and quality of legumes, including soybeans, peas and other crops, and is now available to peanut growers.

In peanuts, the company says Peg Power enhances pegging and pod set, stimulates root growth and leaf development and gives a boost to the plants’ own immune system. Overall, the combination of ingredients offers improved quality and grade.

Research in Georgia and Alabama has shown that the ideal application timing on runner-type peanuts is at 40 and 75 days after planting. This can be done in conjunction with scheduled fungicide applications with non-strobilurin fungicides. A jar test of tankmixes is recommended.

Apply one pint of Peg Power per acre in 15 gallons or less of water. Good coverage of the foliage, without run-off, is needed.

University and grower trials for the past three years have shown that two economical applications of TriCard Peg Power can increase the yield of peanuts.

Further application recommendations and specific data from grower and university trials on runner and Virginia peanut varieties are available from Triangle or Cardinal representatives.

TriCard Peg Power is marketed by Triangle Chemical in Georgia and Florida and Cardinal Chemical in North Carolina. Call 800-277-1121 for Triangle Sycamore or 800-326-0743 for Cardinal Kinston, or visit them on the Web at

AGCO Offers Rebate On Batteries
AGCO Parts, a division of AGCO Corporation, is offering up to a $10 cash rebate on select FieldStart batteries purchased from any U.S. AGCO Parts dealer before June 15, 2009.

The FieldStart line is rugged and reliable enough to pack the power you need for fast starts. The quality Fieldstart portfolio includes batteries for other tractor/combine brands, trucks, lawn and garden tractors and automotive/pickup applications. Rebates are available for many of these applications.

For more details, see your AGCO Parts dealer or go to and click on AGCO FieldStart Battery Rebate. To locate a dealer nearest you, visit

Win A MF 1635 Compact Tractor
Driving the new Massey Ferguson 1600 Series compact tractor can be described as being on ‘Cloud 10’, and one lucky person will be on ‘Cloud 10’ when they win a new MF1635 compact tractor. The Massey Ferguson ‘Cloud 10’ sweepstakes runs through June 30, 2009.

There are two ways to enter the sweepstakes: via mail or online. To enter by mail, visit your local Massey Ferguson dealer to pick up an entry form or go to for the official rules and to enter online. There is no purchase necessary to enter and win.

The new MF1600 Series offers bold new styling and the most comprehensive offering of power, comfort and operator conveniences on the market. The robust new models include operator-inspired ergonomics, easy access for service, all-steel construction and high-capacity performance in a compact tractor.

The MF1600 Series offers six models from 35 to 60 gross engine horsepower, all featuring steel and cast iron construction, 4-wheel drive, a choice of four transmissions, plus rear and mid PTOs. With sleek new styling and 22 different configurations, all with a factory-installed cab option, the 1600 Series will meet the most discriminating personal taste and has the ability to handle any job.

For more information about the new MF1600 Series compact tractor, stop by your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit

The A21 GPS Antenna
Hemisphere GPS recently announced the latest addition to its precision product line - the A21 Antenna.
Agricultural vehicles and equipment, including aircraft, typically generate electrical “noise” and interference that can compromise the performance of an antenna. The new A21 antenna is designed to maintain its tracking of GPS and differential correction signals in these types of environments and in high-dynamic applications where the antenna may be turned on its side.

With its metal base, lower profile, improved Left Hand Circular Polarization (LHCP) rejection and ability to filter out an additional 30 decibels of radio band of frequencies, the A21 antenna offers superior noise rejection. The new antenna will track GPS, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, etc.) and OmniSTAR L-band signals. The A21 Antenna also features a TNC connector, which has a threaded coupling interface to ensure a secure connection.

For more information on this product, go to

TeeJet Introduces RowPilot
TeeJet Technologies recently introduced RowPilot, an automatic section control product that provides planter section control when connected to a CenterLine 230BP or BoomPilot Pro device and a Tru Count Air Clutch system for corn planters. The RowPilot will automatically shut off planter row sections where overlap occurs, saving seed input costs. RowPilot automatically resumes planting when the overlapped area has been exited.

With the assistance of GPS information received from the CenterLine 230BP or BoomPilot Pro consoles, RowPilot can operate planters with 8, 12, 16 or 24 rows. The included switchbox allows for the manual operation of planter clutches.

For information on RowPilot, go to