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EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack
EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack represents the latest in peanut disease management technology and convenience. A product of SipcamAdvan, the new EPA-labeled product controls early leaf spot, late leaf spot, web blotch and rust in peanut production.

EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack combines a standard use ratio of the contact properties of Echo chlorothalonil and the systemic properties of Eminent tetraconazole in one dual-chambered container. One co-pack provides rainfast disease control to 10 acres of peanuts.

Additional EchoEminent benefits include extended residual, new growth protection, enhanced leaf spot control, reduced resistance issues, simplified loading and mixing and maximized yield potential.

Echo is a contact fungicide long recognized as a standard for peanut disease prevention. It naturally adheres to the plant surface and exhibits no resistance issues. Eminent is a systemic fungicide offering both preventive and curative disease control. Recently labeled for peanut use, it generates rapid uptake, translocation and translaminar movement. Eminent moves quickly from the peanut leaf to the internal leaf tissue where it creates an active ingredient reservoir and provides extended residual and new growth protection.

High-Clearance Bundle For Sprayers
John Deere introduces a new high-clearance bundle for its 4730 and 4830 Sprayers. With the addition of the bundle, farmers and commercial applicators are able to use their sprayers to apply fungicides or other products on corn in the tassel stage and to increase their application opportunities in other tall crops.

The bundle increases the sprayer height an additional 16 inches and provides increased crop shielding that makes the sprayers more versatile and productive, especially for use later in the season.

The high-clearance sprayer bundle consists of four assemblies – one per wheel – that attach between the chrome spindle and the casting that houses the wheel motor. Shields are also included to help keep the radiator and grill clear of tassels or pollen. In addition, the bundle includes parts that lower the eductor to make loading chemicals more convenient.

A telescoping latch mechanism allows the eductor to be lowered to a more accommodating height for loading, as well as a convenient storage position that’s out of the way when not in use. The clean-water rinse tank also has an extension to make access to clean water more available to operators when needed.

Wheel shields and belly shields are recommended for use with the high-clearance bundle to prevent crop damage. The high-clearance sprayer bundle is compatible with Model Year 2008-2009 4730 and 4830 Sprayers only.

For more information, see your John Deere dealer.

New KBH Sales Rep For West Texas
The KBH Corp. of Clarksdale, Miss., welcomes Rick Derr as their new territory sales representative for the West Texas region. Derr will be located in Lubbock.

Prior to joining KBH, Derr served as territory sales rep for Redball, LLC, in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and regional center manager for Ag-Chem Equipment Co. in the same region. He brings over 15 years of experience in the agricultural equipment business in the southwest United States.

“KBH has an excellent reputation in the agricultural equipment business,” Derr says. “I am looking forward to representing KBH in the West Texas Region.”

The KBH Corp., a family-owned and operated company, has been supplying quality agricultural equipment for more than 50 years. The company manufactures and sells a complete line of bulk seed tenders, hopper bottom grain trailers, liquid and dry fertilizer equipment, cotton module builders, cotton carts and the revolutionary one-trip plow.

Survey Confirms Need For Innovative Weed Management

A report published in Weed Technology indicates that it will be necessary to broaden the scope of weed management systems for glyphosate-resistant crops.

The study, “U.S. Grower Views on Problematic Weeds and Changes in Weed Pressure in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn, Cotton and Soybean Cropping Systems,” is important because it shows that effective crop management depends on continual analysis of weed management systems and on adapting these systems as weeds evolve and become resistant to herbicides, especially glyphosate.

Growers of glyphosate-resistant corn, cotton and soybeans from six states were asked to describe their perceptions of problem weeds, weed pressure and tillage. The results will help researchers develop weed management systems that may include glyphosate, but that will also utilize other herbicides and management techniques such as tillage and more diverse crop rotations.

Weed pressure was considered moderate or light by most glyphosate-resistant crop growers. The weeds reported as most problematic because of tolerance or resistance to glyphosate were ragweed, johnsongrass, velvetleaf, morningglory, sicklepod, pigweed and water hemp.

Weed shifts will occur as these weeds continue their crop invasion and as other weeds evolve and become resistant. Researchers also found that growers tend to underestimate the advantages of tillage on weed pressure.
Although some growers of solely glyphosate-resistant crops reported no major weed problems, there were more growers using a glyphosate-resistant crops/non-glyphosate-resistant crop rotation who reported no major weed problems. This advantage will likely prompt more growers to switch to rotational methods of weed management.

As weeds become resistant to management techniques, it will be important to ensure the sustainability of crop management systems by broadening the scope and including crop rotation, tillage and herbicides other than glyphosate.

Weed Technology is a quarterly publication of the Weed Science Society of America, a nonprofit professional society. For more information, visit

Massey Fans Can
Massey Ferguson has opened its new merchandise site,, which stocks officially licensed Massey Ferguson apparel, specialty products, headwear and children’s gear. Brand enthusiasts will find all sorts of ways to live Massey Ferguson from the latest in wearables to gifts for the entire family.

The online retail site offers a growing variety of merchandise and collectables for Massey Ferguson fans of all ages. From Massey Ferguson heritage items, to clothing and caps, to baby bibs and home goods, the Massey Ferguson store has something for everyone.

Shoppers can also purchase e-certificates and sign up for e-mail updates to receive notices on promotions and announcements of new product availability.

Through June 30, 2009, visitors who sign up to receive e-mail updates will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a Kodak EasyShare C813 Zoom Digital Camera. No purchase is necessary.

For more information on Massey Ferguson products and services, visit

New Generation Of Tractors
AGCO Tractors introduces the DT Series tractors, which offer a more powerful tractor with a comfortable cab environment. Designed from the ground up, these models feature new body styling, a larger cab, more advanced engine management and transmission technology.

The series features four models with new, higher horsepower ratings, including: the DT205B with 205 PTO hp; DT225B with 225 PTO hp; DT250B with 250 PTO hp; and DT275B rated at 275 PTO hp with a maximum 350 ISO engine hp. The new AGCO SISU POWER 8.4 L engine is equipped with a new way to meet the current EPA emissions regulations. And, the new technology will be able to handle future emissions requirements without sacrificing power or efficiency. The DT Series is introducing the e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction technology to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates.

A new sculpted chassis, with a new front axle, provides a solid foundation for the DT Series. The front axle is heavier, with larger final drives for strength to handle larger draft loads and weight.

AGCO Tractors is introducing an entirely new cab. The four-post cab is almost 30 percent larger than the previous model, with 67 square feet of glass providing a 360-degree view. The armrest-mounted controls include all key functions and up to six hydraulic control valves.

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