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Guidance Over Video From TeeJet
TeeJet Technologies introduces the only system available offering guidance and live video to be displayed simultaneously, which helps improve accuracy and efficiency in field operations. Matrix Guidance System with RealView Guidance Over Video is an affordable system that allows growers to monitor what’s ahead or difficult-to-see machine parts or operations while at the same time viewing guidance information.

By combining guidance with live video instead of a virtual image, the operator now has access to more and better information to help make GPS guidance more intuitive to use.

Matrix not only has the benefit of guidance over video, it can also be economically upgraded with automatic boom section control for use with sprayers and spreaders. Automatic boom section control helps minimize costly chemical consumption by automatically switching off sprayer boom sections when entering a previously applied area.

Matrix is the interface for the FieldPilot Assisted Steering System from TeeJet Technologies. Assisted steering helps improve accuracy, decrease input costs and reduce driver fatigue and stress. FieldPilot with Matrix Guidance can also easily be installed on older tractors with more than 65 custom installation kits for 275 different vehicles, new and old.

Information is available at, including a video of RealView guidance over video, a list of dealers and a special introductory offer that allows growers to upgrade to the 840G at no additional cost.

New Tire Classification From Michelin
Michelin North America Agricultural Tires is expanding its Michelin Ultraflex Technologies portfolio and will be the first to market a second radial in yet another tire classification, VF, or Very High Flexion.

Radials that meet the VF criteria, like the Michelin Xeobib, flex an additional 20 percent more than IF-classified tires. The IF-classified Michelin Axiobib, which allows high-horsepower tractors to carry 20 percent more load or operate at up to 20 percent lower air pressure than standard radials, was honored for its advanced engineering in 2008 by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers with the esteemed AE50 award.

As important as Michelin’s introduction of the IF category was five years ago, the company’s expansion of its advanced radial technology will make 2010 another important year for farmers looking to improve the equipment and techniques with which they ply their trade. The IF Michelin Axiobib radial is now available as a fitment on high-horsepower tractors from AGCO, Challenger, Case-IH, New Holland and – most recently – John Deere.

For more information, visit their Web site at

Valley Irrigation Teams Up To Offer Precision Irrigation
Valley Irrigation, a technology leader in precision irrigation, announces a new agreement with Computronics Holdings Ltd., manufacturer of the patented Farmscan Variable Rate Irrigation technology. This agreement allows for the development and distribution of variable rate irrigation (VRI) controls through more than 460 Valley dealers worldwide, providing the latest technology in precision irrigation with center pivots.

Computronics Holdings Ltd. began working with the University of Georgia in 1999 to commercialize VRI controls. This led to the introduction of the first Farmscan VRI control in 2001, but through a limited distribution channel. The agreement between Valley Irrigation and Computronics Holdings will provide increased distribution through the Valley dealer network. It also allows Valley to use its own patented and proprietary technology to further enhance the capabilities of future VRI products.

Valley’s irrigation systems with the Farmscan technology not only allows producers with pivot irrigation to control how much water is applied to a field, but also to control how much water, fertilizer and other crop management products are applied to areas as small as one square meter.

Two key benefits of the VRI controls are as follows: first, producers can use this control to program the pivot to automatically turn water on and off for different zones within a circle. For example, water applied over a drainage ditch is wasted. Producers can now turn the pivot off over the ditch and back on again at the crop automatically. Secondly, producers can apply different amounts of water and crop inputs on a site-specific basis. VRI allows producers to match the water and fertilizer application with varying soil and seed within the same field.

The Farmscan VRI products are compatible with all Valley control panels. Producers can learn more about the Valley and Farmscan VRI offerings by visiting

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