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Pesticide Roundup

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BASF Offers $50 Back On Headline

Growers using Headline fungicide may be eligible to receive $50 per gallon back on purchases from authorized BASF retailers made by Aug. 15.

“We’re confident that growers will find there is a substantial return on the Headline Advantage investment,” said Reed Barrett, Fungicides Market Manager for BASF. “That’s why it’s so important to us that as many growers as possible are exposed to what this product can do. Never before has it been more important to get everything you can out of each acre of land. Headline fungicide can help growers do just that.”

To qualify for Headline Advantage, growers need to submit receipts for purchase and a completed application to BASF before Aug.15, 2010. For complete terms and conditions, visit, or ask your local authorized BASF retailer for details.

Headline fungicide provides excellent disease control, maximizes yield potential and growers’ investment in seed, fertilizer and other crop protection inputs. A fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide with a high level of activity on major diseases that threaten yield and crop quality, Headline fungicide protects more than 90 crops—including corn, soybeans and wheat—from more than 50 diseases.

Further information can be found on the Web at

SipcamAdvan Opens Lab In Georgia

SipcamAdvan announces the opening of its new laboratory facility located in Valdosta, Ga. The lab augments SipcamAdvan formulation expertise and new product speed to market, both key components of its growth plan for 2010 and beyond.

The lab will facilitate the development and testing of innovative formulas, as part of SipcamAdvan’s launch platform for new technology in the crop protection, turf and ornamental markets in the United States and Mexico.

“The new lab puts SipcamAdvan in great position to meet many of our corporate goals,” says Ron Hatton, Director of Operations. “It allows us to bring new products to market, supporting the goal of developing a full portfolio of differentiated offers, including bio-rationals. With the lab, we are able to increase speed-to-market, which is extremely important in this ever-changing market.”

Chris Cody, Manager of Quality and Formulations, will serve as manager of the Valdosta, Ga., facility.

Agreement Reached On Soybean Tech

The range of future seed choices has expanded now that Monsanto Company has granted a new royalty-bearing, Roundup Ready 2 Yield license to Dow AgroSciences. The agreement expands Dow AgroSciences’ trait stacking and existing licensing rights across its soybean seed brands and licensing partners.

U.S. farmers are experiencing the benefits of the Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean trait in more than 70 varieties across multiple brands on six million acres this year.

Some of the agreement parameters are as follows:

• Monsanto grants Dow AgroSciences a non-exclusive, royalty-bearing license in the United States to develop, produce, sell and sublicense seed and germplasm with Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology.

• Dow AgroSciences also receives an option to license the Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology in other territories where Monsanto plans to commercialize this technology, after Monsanto has obtained regulatory approval in such countries, including key soybean producing countries like Brazil.

• Dow AgroSciences gains the rights to stack Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology with other biotechnology traits.

• Dow AgroSciences also gains the rights to out license Dow AgroSciences’ germplasm containing Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology, alone or in stacks, to third parties that hold Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield licenses from Monsanto.

Additional specific details of the agreement were not disclosed. PG

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