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Try The ‘Build And Quote’ Web Sites

Farmers shopping for new tractors, combines, hay equipment and other machinery from Challenger, Massey Ferguson and Gleaner can easily configure, price and compare the newest farm equipment from their home office using new “Build and Quote” Web sites. These new online tools simplify the initial shopping process by allowing farmers to sort through available equipment options and design machines to fit the unique needs of their individual farming operations.

The new sites are: Challenger “Build & Quote” at; Build My Massey Ferguson at; Gleaner “Build and Quote” at

The Web sites are designed to educate customers about options, guide them through the process of choosing the right machine and help them connect with their local dealer to request a quote.

After working through the online “Build” process, customers may choose to request a formal quote from one of the three closest dealers. Dealers are notified of the request for quote via email and receive the build summary and optional trade-in, financing and warranty information if provided by the customer.

For more information about AGCO, visit

Cushman 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Cushman, a recognized leader in light-transportation vehicles for commercial, industrial and turf-maintenance applications since 1901, introduces the newest addition to its lineup – the rugged and versatile 1600XD 4x4 utility vehicle.

The 1600XD combines four-wheel-drive capability with a powerful 22 hp, 1,007cc three-cylinder OHV diesel engine to handle large tasks on tough terrain. Its performance is further enhanced by an automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT) with low- and high-gear ratios, a user-selectable locking rear differential, which can be engaged in both 2WD and 4WD operation, four-wheel independent suspension, and exceptional hauling and towing capacity with a maximum vehicle load of 1,600 pounds.

For more information on the Cushman line of light-transportation vehicles, visit

Organic Matter Mapper From Veris

Veris Technologies introduces the OpticMapper, a new soil sensor for mapping soil organic matter. The OpticMapper uses an optical sensor mounted within a specially configured planter row unit-mapping soil underneath crop residue and the soil surface.

The OM module attaches to the Veris Mobile Sensor Platform and can be combined with Veris soil EC sensing. This combination of sensors creates detailed maps showing the variability of several soil properties, soil texture, salinity, cation exchange capacity and organic matter.

Precise soil mapping is critical for creating management zones, accurately varying rates of nutrients, seed and other inputs. This exclusive innovation, from the world leader in on-the-go soil-sensor technology, represents a significant advancement for soil-specific agriculture.
For more information, visit their Web site at

Award-Winning LightScout Meter

Spectrum Technologies, Inc., was recently honored with two AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, one of which was for their LightScout DLI 100 Light Meter.

The LightScout DLI 100 Light Meter is a simple, one button operated meter that measures the light “falling” on your plants. The DLI 100 Meter measures PAR light (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), and with the push of a button the meter runs for 24 hours and calculates your Daily Light Integral (DLI).

The DLI 100 Meter is sold in sets of three so you can compare light measurements simultaneously at three locations.

The prestigious AE50 award recognizes the top 50 innovative new products produced throughout the world for the agricultural, food, and biological systems industries expected to save producers time, costs, and labor while improving user safety.

To see this and other products from Spectrum Technologies, go to

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