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News Briefs

Oklahoma Peanuts Now Sold Under Menguy's Brand Name
Exclusively Oklahoma grown peanuts are being vacuum-packed in bags similar to coffee and sold under the Menguy's brand name. Menguy's Peanuts are oven roasted to a golden brown using the patented French roasting process to accentuate the flavor.

The Oklahoma Peanut Commission is promoting the new product. "To know it's grown by one of your neighbors is so important," says Mike Kubicek, executive director of the commission.

Georgia and Florida grown Menguy's Peanuts are being marketed in the produce sections of Georgia and Central Florida Publix stores.

Menguy?s Peanuts are roasted and packaged by the Great Southern Peanut & Pecan Company in Adairsville, Ga.

Peanut Allergy Update
Peter Vadas, University of Toronto, reports continued progress in finding a correlation between a protective enzyme found in an individual's blood stream and the severity of his or her reaction to peanut protein.

Individuals with severe reactions have lower levels of the enzyme produced when peanut protein is ingested. There is a possibility that this could be used as a rescue medication or a protective medication.

E-Commerce in Peanuts
The E-Commerce Committee of the American Peanut Council has implemented a new bar-code system. The new bar-coded, colored tags help to quickly identify and trace lots to their origin.

USDA plans to implement an electronic 1007 form for runner and Spanish type peanuts by the 2001 crop. USDA is also testing a new electronic grading system and aflatoxin certificate verification, but it is not expected to be implemented in the next crop year.