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Product News

UAP to Distribute Agriblend Plus in Southwest
United Agri Products (UAP) Southwest will distribute Agriblend Plus in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Agriblend Plus is a new soil amendment that increases yields and reduces water use in irrigated farming and extends the critical window between rainfalls in dryland farming.

UAP Southwest markets agricultural products to growers in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, covering more than 30 million acres of farmland. Crops include cotton, corn, peanuts and alfalfa, as well as high-value vegetable and fruit crops. Agriblend Plus has been applied on more than 20,000 acres of farmland nationwide, in addition to field trials on more than a dozen crops.

UAP will use the three-state area as a test region for Agriblend Plus.

Sean Lee, executive vice president of marketing for Agriblend, says, "I am confident that growers who use Agriblend Plus can reduce irrigation costs and see substantial yield gains because of improved soil structure and water retention."

Agriblend Plus is a cross-linked polymer that absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water. When mixed into the soil, it creates a semi-permeable barrier, retaining moisture in the root zone. Agriblend Plus is applied at a rate of 25 pounds to 35 pounds per acre.

"Agriblend Plus reduces leaching and evaporation in the soil and reduces stress to the plant between irrigation cycles by holding water in the root zone," says Ron Salestrom, developer of the Agriblend Plus technology. "This allows crops to be grown with less water. A single application typically provides optimal benefits for three to five years, depending on a farmer?s tillage practices."

Agriblend Plus is a product of the Agriblend division of American Soil Technologies. For more information, visit their Web site at

Triggrr Plant Growth Regulator Label Expanded
The Environmental Protection Agency approved expanded labeling for Foliar Triggrr Plant Growth Regulator allowing its use on a wide variety of new crops including all stone, pome, citrus and berry fruit, avocados, mango, pineapple, kiwi and other exotic and tropical fruit, hops, tree nuts, herbs and spices, coffee, and all curcurbit, fruiting, leafy, legume, and root and tuber vegetables. The expanded label was approved in the wake of a blanket tolerance exemption issued by the EPA last June for plant growth regulators containing cytokinins.

Research shows Foliar Triggrr, when used as part of a complete crop management program, stimulates bud break, improves fruit, bulb, pod and/or seed set and retention, upgrades crop quality and uniformity, enhances crop resistance to environmental stress, and increased yield and economic return to the grower.

Foliar Triggrr is manufactured by Westbridge Ag. Products. For more information, call (800)876-2767.

Zeneca Web Site Offers Local Crop Protection Tips For All States
Zeneca Ag Products has expanded the crop protection information in the "Local Info" section of its Web site to include all states in the continental United States. The site provides users with state- and county-specific information on disease, insect and weed control strategies for various crops.

"Farmers can find information on a broad range of topics, from rootworm control with Force insecticide to weed control over-the-top of Roundup Ready soybeans with Touchdown herbicide," says Ioana Tudor, Marketing Services Coordinator for Zeneca.

To use the Local Info section, go to and click on "Local Info." From there, click on a state, then county to view local information.

The information spans many crops, including corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, peanuts, cotton, alfalfa, sorghum, citrus and other fruits and vegetables. Zeneca will continually update information and add new bulletins.

The Zeneca Web site also contains extensive information on its products, including an easy-to-use database of labels and MSDS, free downloads of "Farm Assist" crop management software, and more. Visit the Zeneca Web site at

TeeJet Merges Technologies Group with Mid-Tech
TeeJet Technologies, the electronics division of Spraying Systems Co., will be moving its sales, distribution and customer service activities to Mid-Tech, a well-known electronics manufacturer based in Springfield, Ill. In combining resources, Mid-Tech welcomes additional electronics assembly, and TeeJet Technologies takes advantage of a dedicated electronics facility for engineering, design, testing and assembly.

Sales channels in both companies will remain unchanged with TeeJet products handled exclusively through Spraying Systems Co.?s regional representatives and Mid-Tech products through its existing dealer network.

TeeJet was the first to design and manufacture a wireless spray monitor system that monitors and reports sprayer functions via a radio modem. Mid-Tech, traditional leaders in the design and manufacture of electronic control systems, has been expanded by integrating GPS hardware and software into its product line. PG