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Highlights of the West Texas Peanut Tour

By Tyron Spearman

In just a few years, West Texas has become one of the most important peanut growing regions. In an effort to learn more from some of these "newer" growers, the National Peanut Buying Points Association (NPBPA) coordinated a tour of the area. Twenty-two people visited farms, buying points, the Western Peanut Growers Association (WPGA) offices and a feedlot on the two-day tour.

These photos show some of the highlights of the tour.

This view shows the impressive size of fields in West Texas.

The tour stopped for a group photo at the new Golden Peanut Co. in-shell plant, which is under renovation in Seagraves, Texas. Participants of the tour were from both the Southeast and the Virginia-Carolina area.

Wesley Powell, NPBPA past president, is impressed by the number of pods per plant in this field.

Grower Robin Singletary, vice president, NPBPA, holds what looks to be a bumper crop in Texas.

Tour participants look at equipment used to harvest the West Texas crop.

Participants toured the Birdsong Peanuts Buying Point in Brownfield, Texas. They were surprised to see 50 semi-truck trailers fitted for peanut drying along with four 12,500 ton warehouses.