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New Products

New Gramoxone Max Herbicide Offered from Syngenta
Syngenta announced a new formulation for its Gramoxone herbicide, Gramoxone Max, and it will be available for the 2001 growing season.

Each gallon of Gramoxone Max contains 3 pounds of active ingredient, and it can be used in every situation where its predecessor was applied. Growers can use it as a burndown material for conservation tillage or in stale seedbed situations. It can also be used as a post-crop emergence herbicide treatment under a hooded sprayer or as a directed spray.

Gramoxone Max is fast-acting, with results in 24 hours. It is also effective on a broad spectrum of tough early-season weeds and grasses. It is rainfast in as little as 30 minutes. It can be tank-mixed with many other herbicides to allow for flexibility and economy.

Gramoxone Max will not be available in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, however, another formulation with the same active ingredient will be sold in those states.

Growers should refer to the Gramoxone Max label for more information on application, timing, uses and rates.

Caterpillar Adds Tillage Tools to Ag Product Line-up
Caterpillar Agricultural Products Inc. announced that it will offer a line of tillage tools as an addition to its agricultural product line.

Caterpillar has entered into an agreement with Krause Corp., Hutchinson, Kan., to manufacture a line of Caterpillar implements optimized for use with track tractors. The new line will include a family of disc rippers and in-line rippers, as well as seedbed finishing tools. Initial availability for the U.S. and Canadian markets is expected in Fall 2001.

Krause will continue to manufacture and market its own line of tillage equipment and grain drills under the Krause brand identity. The Caterpillar tillage products will be identified with Caterpillar’s signature yellow paint and logo and will be marketed through Caterpillar’s U.S. and Canadian dealer networks.

To learn more, visit your local dealer or Caterpillar’s Web site at

Dow AgroSciences Launches Glyphomax Herbicides
Glyphomax Plus herbicide and Glyphomax herbicide are now available in the southern United States for the 2001 growing season. According to Dow AgroSciences, the new formulation of Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax causes less foaming action than standard glyphosate-based products.

Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax are single-entity formulations of glyphosate that offer broad-spectrum broadleaf weed and grass control. Both products are registered for use on glyphosate-tolerant cotton, corn and soybeans. Glyphomax herbicide products are also labeled on citrus and more than 150 other crops.

Glyphomax Plus and Glyphomax also can be tank-mixed with defoliants to enhance leaf drop in conventional cotton, while controlling late-emerging weeds that could interfere with harvest. In glyphosate-tolerant soybeans, both products can be tank-mixed with other herbicides such as FirstRate, Frontrow or Python WDG, for residual broadleaf weed control.

For more information about Glyphomax Plus or Glyphomax, visit or contact a local sales representative.

Durakon Introduces New Bedliner
Made from the same durable materials as the original Duraliner, Durakon Industries’ new Duraliner X/L includes the same features, such as anti-skid floors, patented step-down corners and a ribbed floor design that reduces moisture buildup below the bedliner.

The new bedliner has additional features that make transporting and securing cargo easier and more efficient. It features two built-in and lockable storage compartments for holding small tools, gear and other loose cargo; recessed cargo lights that illuminate the entire truck bed; and four floor-mounted D-rings for more easily accessible cargo restraint.

The new Duraliner X/L is available through Durakon distributors or by calling Durakon at 800-933-4200. Introduces Real-Time Fertilizer Pricing
Farmers can now receive instant price quotes on 20 commonly used fertilizer blends and purchase fertilizer at, thanks to a partnership with multiple manufacturers. Customers can request additional fertilizer products, and they can also finance their fertilizer purchases through credit.

Products currently available at include seed, fertilizer and crop protection products, along with news, market quotes and weather. Growers can shop at their convenience day or night and sign up for additional services like crop insurance, grain marketing programs, crop scouting and soil sampling services.

Within the Powerfarm Community, growers can post questions for the company’s agronomists and certified crop advisors, as well as communicate with other producers around the world.