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Editor's Note

A Little Tub of Joy

By Amanda Huber

Recently I was with about 50 people attending a wedding rehearsal dinner. Being a fairly upscale affair, it was held at Carmichaelís, one of the nicer restaurants in our area. The waiter took our beverage orders and proceeded to bring bread to all of the tables. Along with the bread came the usual accompaniment of butter and margarine-type spreads. But wait, whatís this? There were little tubs of peanut butter among the other spreads.

Now, a little thing like a tub of peanut butter on a restaurant table may be completely insignificant to most people, but I am not "most people." I was so excited to see that peanut butter, just about as excited as I get when I am served peanuts on a plane, but I never said a word to anyone and, instead, took the opportunity to silently observe other peopleís reactions and response. It didnít take long at all for other people to notice the peanut butter, even those folks without a built-in peanut radar. The novelty of it may have caused some people to pick it up or remark about its presence with the other spreads, but that is not enough to make people eat it. Knowing that it would taste good is what made those folks eat the peanut butter with their bread, and there was not one tub left on the table.

A few days later, I called the restaurant and spoke with one of the owners, Donna DePasquale. She says they used to make their own peanut butter, jellies and jam, but eventually switched to the individual packages.

"We have been serving peanut butter for 12 years now," she says. "People eat it on their cornbread for breakfast or on the rolls any time of day. Some of them put it with jelly and some just eat it by itself. It has become our signature item. People just enjoy it."

And that is what I saw, people enjoying the tasty spread.

Remember the movie "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner? He heard a voice from his corn field and, even though he was about to lose his farm, he dug up part of his corn field and built a baseball diamond because the voice said, "Build it and they will come." Well, my observation tells me, "Serve it and they will eat it."

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